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cleftstick is a boutique consultancy founded by veteran journalist Jeremy Wagstaff (former WSJ, Reuters, BBC) to help companies around the globe research and create quality technology-related content. Jeremy and his team work directly with clients or through third-party sponsored content providers to ensure the end-product is clear, compelling and enhances the client’s trusted brand.


Jeremy Wagstaff

Jeremy Wagstaff is one of Asia’s best-known technology journalists, as a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and most recently as Reuters’ chief technology correspondent in Asia. He has a regular spot on the BBC World Service.

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why Cleftstick?

A cleft stick was a stick with a split at one end, once used by runners to carry messages, letters and news. Among journalists it’s best known as one item of equipment carried by Evelyn Waugh’s William Boot on his reporting trip to Africa in Scoop. For some the cleft stick signifies a dilemma: for journalists it’s more likely to remind us of the challenges we face and lengths we go to to get the story out. For our company the name captures our dedication to producing the best and most compelling content we can.