We work closely with clients to research and create content that helps them stand out at the cutting edge of key technology trends, both in their industry and elsewhere. We can join you as early or as late on in the journey as your needs require. We have worked with blue-chip companies, research institutes, start-ups and government agencies to help them in everything from conducting research and surveys to writing reports and preparing briefs. We also advise some clients on how to prepare for media interviews and outreach.

Our Mission

As one of Asia’s premier technology journalists, Jeremy Wagstaff has long made it his mission to create content that is easy to read, compelling and trustworthy. cleftstick brings that expertise and experience to content funded or created by companies, governments and institutions. He has encouraged his clients to think beyond narrow targets and to create content that inspires confidence among existing customers and wins over new ones. In the right hands, sponsored content, white papers, speeches, blog posts and corporate reports can be as readable and as ground-breaking as traditional journalism. Our process of costing out a project is transparent and quotes can be provided as quickly as needed.

We’re based in Singapore but our clientele is global.